Monday, June 24, 2013

Who's The Best Looking Fujiko Cosplayer Among the Jinri, Yaya and Kisaki?

Cosplay fight! Our main subject is Lupin III's love interest Fujiko Mine. She's getting a lot of tributes lately so I decided to create this little poll:

Jinri Park 

This cosplay shot was done by Jay Tablante only recently and featured Korean stunner/ DJ/ actress Jinri Park as Ms. Mine about to escape. I totally love the materials used and more importantly the way the shot was composed. If you need more information on this Korean beauty with a Filipina heart, just google her. 

Yaya Han

Not so much with the costume but it's pretty obvious why this famous cosplayer has what it takes to be THE definitive Fujiko Mine cosplayer.

Kisaki Urumi

Miss Han might have some of the parts that's needed to cosplay Fujiko but world-famous cosplayer Kisakiurumi shows us why she's one of the prettiest and most dedicated cosplayers around.

So who do you guys think is the best among the best? Local brew Jinri? US based Yaya or awesome sauce Kisakiurumi?

Who's the Better Fujiko Cosplayer? free polls 

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