Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Finally HEROES Comics Courtesy of Dynamite

Tim Kring's one famous TV series HEROES is finally getting a comeback AND more importantly getting said revival in comics format!

CBR reports from SDCC 2013 that Dynamite Entertainment has picked up the rights to publish an ongoing comic book with writer Cullen Bunn helming the project.

Here's what Bunn had to say regarding which character gets first appearance on the book:

Not the Actual art

"Right off the bat, Claire is going to be our point of view character. The first issue is centered more on her than anyone else. That said, you're going to see most of those core characters early on in the first few issues. Hiro was the character I always liked most in the show for a number of reasons. So you'll be seeing him and Sylar and a bunch of others who will get thrown back into the story early on. Claire, Hiro and Sylar will be big right off the bat, but it won't be long before you see all the core characters."

Looking good. I always was a big fan of HEROES and even though Season 3 was a big pain in the ass, I still welcome this. 

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