Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jonas Diego Tackles Lopez Group Head in Webcomic "Man in the Frame"

Premiere komiks guy Jonas Diego (and all around swell guy as well) draws and writes a nice webcomic for the Lopez Group entitled "Man in the Frame". 

The "Man in the Frame" of course happens to be EƱing Lopez; a man of dignity and honor. And that's what the this webcomic is all about. PLUS, as a frustrated (natch) journalist, I must say that I can totally relate with this. It's nice to encounter something like this from time to time. Hopefully this won't be the last. 

This collaboration of course is pretty interesting as it's Mr. Diego's words and art together with a co-writer Brad Geiser. Niel Amiel Cervantes does some bang up colors on this one. The webseries is currently on it's second page and I suggest you check back from time to time to see some updates. 

Komiks Grade: A

(Also do "LIKE" the LopezLink page HERE while you're at it). 

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