Saturday, July 6, 2013

Justice League of America # 5 Spoiler Review

Justice League of America # 5 review by Geoff Johns and Brett Booth. This review was done in partnership with Comicx Hub and Castle Geek

In this issue, Catwoman's not so dead after all, Martian Manhunter confronts the mysterious big boss of the "Secret Society". Steve Trevor and the rest of the JLA including Green Arrow and Star Girl team up to take down the Shaggy Man. Green Lantern Simon Baz also joins the team. We also find out that A.R.G.U.S. agent Chronos is the power source for the Society's teleporting mansion.

On the Geoff Johns: It took five issues for the slam bang action to really kick into full gear. I should be mildly annoyed by such a long time but I'm going to let it slip thanks to the satisfying fights all packed in this issue. The tease is also killing us. Johns had the good idea of answering some questions but leaving readers with more. Like who is that pale man calling the shots? Who is the man still in the shadows? Where did the the Society teleport to? Still great exposition.

On the JLA fights: I just loved all the fights here in this issue. the first round between Hawkman and the Shaggy Man was very painful to watch though. But the moment back-up arrived, things just went swell.



On the apparent death of Catwoman: It sucked and it's also a very predictable plot point (which was also very neatly discussed briefly in the Matt Kindt written backup story featuring Martian Manhunter). It also sucked that none of the conspiracy theories that were released and revealed were true. Too bad.

And yes, it was the Martian Manhunter...


On the art: I do not mean this as an offense but I would really wait each month for the release of Justice League of America with Brett Booth on art duties as opposed to seeing David Finch's work. Finch's work is fine and all but it really doesn't suit the story and the energy of a title such as this. In short, I'm officially a fan of Booth's work here in JLA. Want to see more.


Finally, I know we've already seen Doctor Light in the teasers for Trinity War but this is the first time he's really going to show how he plays ball with A.R.G.U.S...


Verdict: 8/10

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