Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rule 63 Cosplay Dayna Baby Lou as Terry Bogard

Cosplayer Dayna Baby Lou reinterprets SNK mainstay Terry Bogard in a rule 63 twist.

I think this was a smart call. She's blonde and does justice to the Fatal Fury star. Heck she even got the cap right and the gloves down pat.

dayna baby lou as terri bogart 2

If I have any concern with the cosplay though, it's got to be the ummm... midsection. It's just too big. If Mai Shiranui was there, she'd probably be jealous of the legendary lone wolf. Or maybe not since Mai really just sports huge knockers.

dayna baby lou as terri bogart 3

Still, pretty cool. Check out her facebook page Dayna Baby Lou as well as her photographer Addy's page

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