Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tom Hanks and Ron Howard to Film Dan Brown's INFERNO

Dan Brown's INFERNO was an instant hit among Pinoy bibliophiles (and non-bibliophiles) due to a number of reasons more importantly because it called Manila the "Gateway to Hell" (which I kinda agree, for most parts anyway). And now everybody gear up as it's been reported that Ron Howard (Da Vince Code, Angels and Demons) is teaming up with Tom Hanks again for "INFERNO". 

The film will be released December 18,2015 and will have writer Mark Romanek do the screenplay. At the moment though, I'm betting the release date would not push through and this'll come out around 2016, thanks to the Metro Manila Film Festival; something I find ironic. If you could only see my laughter while typing this. 

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