Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wolverine Origin II Announced and Why It's a Disaster

Paul Jenkins and Andy Kubert did a spectacular number on Wolverine's history with Origin, a six issue miniseries focusing on James Howlett who later became the savage Wolverine. This weekend over at SDCC 2013, Marvel Comics announces that there will be a sequel.

So okay, to make it simple, the story begins around the time Wolverine turned feral towards the end of Origin. He's literally running with wolves because he wants to forget that he accidentally killed Rose. This time though, years had gone by and we're seeing circumstances bringing Logan back to civilization.

That's about it for the fun part. I loved Origins and how tragic it ended for the characters; it's got so much heart and heartbreak, making it one of the better Wolverine stories out there today. Kieron Gillen's an amazing writer but I don't see him as a good fit as the writer for a sequel. 

Are you back?

So let's discuss a bit. First Gillen wants to piece in Mister Sinister in a Wolverine story. That's all good and well but any X-Fan would know that Sinister is more apt for the Summers or for Gambit (who was supposed to be the third Summers brother anyway). Plus we also know that Gillen has a man crush on Sinister and quite frankly its getting boring and annoying. 

Secondly there's a the part about turning Wolverine into a circus attraction as seen in Gillen's allusion to "King Kong" when asked about how Logan returns to civilization after his decades as a wild animal. 

So basically here's how I see it. Marvel wants our money. They don't reunite the original creative tema but rather hire new guys to takeover. Kubert is hired back because of his art and because of his name. It's not going to a real Wolverine story but another Gillen love letter to Sinister (which plainly annoys me). 

At this point, I'll wait for the book with no real fanfare. Just disappointed waiting to happen. And yes, seeing how flimsy Wolverine Origins II would be, I'm still sticking with the original ORIGIN.

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  1. if they wish to sell this sequel, they might need to bring the big guns. not that i underestimate adam's work, but compare to big guns like Joe Q (OMD -- yeah lousy story but superb art) or MAD!, he's a little under the league.

    origins is a great story, but i think one is enough. we all know what happened to james.