Sunday, October 6, 2013


I was never a big fan of the MAX series but the moment they put in "Fantomex" and "Max" in the same sentence as in FANTOMEX MAX # 1, I knew I had to check the book. And I was happy with what I saw thanks to Andrew Hope and artist Shawn Crystal.

The plot is incredibly simple actually. Fantomex steals an alien weapon, gets to tangle with a somewhat-sexy superspy who with somewhat-flirts with. Said superspy then ends up being a hostage by this strange crew of killers who forces Fantomex to do something for them. 

In the vein of stuff like Punisher MAX and other stuff that came out from Marvel's Adult friendly MAX line, FANTOMEX MAX # 1 wouldn't cut it. It's too kiddie for the line. It's pretty obvious that it's at the wrong place and at the wrong time. The jokes would level between "heh" to "was that even a joke". Plus if it creeps you out, you'll also see a lot of pseudo-sexual stuff happening between E.V.A. and Fantomex. 

But I'm not giving up "Hope" just yet as I'm vaguely reminded about the fun and sex appeal of "Danger Girls" with this one thanks to Crystal's artwork. I'm never too keen on technical crap but I do know that the art looks good. Period. 

The writing and plotting needs to be tuned up a bit because there's really a lack of Ooomph and a lack of smartness in the story. Plus if you re-read FANTOMEX MAX # 1 you'll see that it kinda wastes the MAX opportunity stamped into it by showing people getting their heads blown off and cussing. 

Still, I enjoyed FANTOMEX MAX # 1 and I'm planning to go for repeats on this mini.


PS: I just lurve looking at the cover which was done by Francesco Francavilla.

P.P.S.: It's a bummer that CBR gave this book a 2-star rating. 

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