Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Is Comicx Hub Closing?

The answer is hard to give a 'yes' but YES, COMICX HUB is closing leaving behind thousands of patrons who have ardently supported the comic shop for the two years plus worth of existence.

There was no real fanfare or buzz behind the close although there were lots of store patrons who were mildly annoyed that they get no answer from the store's frontman and owner... including me...

So what's the reason behind the close? 

Apparently owner Lawrence Sol Cruz will be leaving for the U.S.A. soon and he wants to do a 'graceful exit' from whatever liabilities and assets he has here in the Philippines. 

Of course try as we may we won't be able to stop the close. What we can do however is buy all the shit that we want as COMICX HUB is doing a closing sale on their warehouse in Pasig that lasts until October 20. And yes what I'm trying to say is that the warehouse is closing but the brand won't just close YET (as far as what I'm hearing anyway).

So we wish all the luck to Lawrence and his future endeavors. Here's a song to help seal the deal:

And don't worry, CASTLE GEEK is still alive and kicking. Visit their stores in GLORIETTA and THE COLLECTIVE.

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