Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Identity of the New Earth 2 Batman is...

apparently someone very familiar to comic book readers as his name's been active within the Batman mythos for decades...

Apparently the man under the Batman's cowl is none other than Thomas Wayne. broke the news after DC Comics made an 'allegedly' spoilery announcement on their Twitter account promoting the upcoming DC Collectibles' Earth 2 wave of action figures.

Looking at this post's header page, I seem to be in agreement with this spoiler/rumor. This Batman looks furious, he's got red eyes, which has become a trademark for the Thomas Wayne Sr. version of the Batman from Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert's FLASHPOINT book. 

Plus he's also fond of using what seems to be wrist-based 'guns' or launchers. Of course, we really have to take this news bit with a grain of salt as the mystery is still being unveiled in the pages of Earth 2.

Could it be that the Flashpoint version of Thomas Wayne has been 'ported to the Earth 2 Universe after the cataclysmic events of FLASHPOINT??


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