Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Toys R Us Marvel Minimates Wave Series 17 Preview

My golly look at the size of that Hulk minimate figure. And it's not even the Hulk that we know, rather it's a robotic version of the Green goliath.

Of course this will not only make me NOT want to quit, this will also make me NOT want to sell my collection.

Look at the ecclectic set on this wave:

1. Superior Spider-Man version 2 and Ultimate Electro


2. Pepper Potts in Rescue armor + Robot Hulk


3. Sam Alexander Nova + Alien Symbiote Venom


4. Marvel Now Hawkeye + Marvel Now Black Widow


(But if there's really anything that I'd like to get, it has to be this one pack)

What's on the back?


So for the first time, we've got a bulky character being pegged as the 'army-builder'. Impressive.

Here's what they look like outside of their respective boxes/ containers.


These badboys come out end of the year.

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