Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cosplay for the Day: Angel M. as Melty Granite

Cosplay for the Day is back folks!!!! And this time I promise to religiously post a cosplay photo (preferably local but not always). For the first foray, here's cosplayer Angel Montecarlo as Melty Granite from the game Shining Hearts.

Melty Du Granite (メルティ・ド・グラニテ) is a "tsundere " witch living apart from society in the game, Shining Hearts. Apart from the protagonist working at the bakery, she oppositely experiments and researches for the tastiest ice cream.

Melty has a long, wavy white hair. She has purple eyes. She wears a typical witch's hat with soft pink frills and a big hot pink ribbon on the side. A thin white bow with a heart-shaped ornament is tied on the tip of the hat. She also wears a pair of small heart-shaped earrings. Her black dress is a shoulder-off and sleeveless model, with tutu skirt. The front bodice of the dress is almost shaped like a corset. Underneath the black dress' skirt also a few layers of soft pink frills. She also wears black gloves that reaches the upper part of her arm with white criss-cross lining. On her feet she wears white sandals/shoes, also with criss-cross design. She wears black garters on her legs, with black ribbon.

Special thanks to the cosplayer for letting me use her photo her. 

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