Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How the Real Mandarin Can Enter the MCU

Latino Reviews broke the news recently about Ben Kingsley working once again with Marvel Studios on a 'secret project'. Turns out, as LR reports, that Kingsley will merely be reprising his role as Trevor Slattery, the actor hired to play the Mandarin in Iron Man 3.

The report states that the real Mandarin will make an appearance in order to extract revenge on Slattery (Kingsley) after the latter and Aldritch Killian (Guy Pearce) made a mockery of his name [as seen in IRON MAN 3]

Details are very scarce and honestly, it's not yet confirmed. But on the flipside, it's pretty obvious that there's no other character that Kingsley can portray except the faux Mandarin/ Slattery. So here's a thought, what's a very plausible entry plot for The Mandarin? Obviously Marvel Studios does not intend to let the character and the epic fail-ness of Iron Man 3's main twist lie dead. 

Here's how it's possible to inject Mandarin into the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe:

- The Mandarin looks for Slattery's whereabouts using agents of the TEN RINGS in 'Murica. 
- Agents locate Slattery in prison (where he was being led to in his last few seconds in IM3). 
- Agents kidnap/swap Slattery and bring him to a secret location. 
- There's a confrontation between Slattery and the 'real' Mandarin from the shadows, with the scene focusing on the ten rings of power. 
- Threats and humor are injected
- Slattery is seen being hauled to an operating room where they... 
- Remove his face/ or change his face
- We see the 'real' Mandarin now wearing Trevor Slattery's face. 

Relax it's my theory anyway. The thing here is that the reason The Mandarin wanted to use Slattery's face is because it's already established. He might have been outed as a fake but let's come back to the classic line in IM3; "You'll never see me coming". By using the fake's face, the governments and people like Tony Stark won't see him coming. They would even see him as a joke, a farce; which will serve him better because he's a terrorist and he wants to always surprise his enemies. 

What do you think? Does this sound feasible? 

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