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LOVE BITE starring Ed Speelers and Jessica Szorh is one of those films that will probably make you go "Dafuq did I just see" but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

So basically the plot here is that there's a werewolf prowling the area of Rainmouth. It's M.O. though is different from other screen incarnations of the lycanthrope. You see this werewolf picks on virgins for lunch. Yeah, no matter how plump you are, it means jack-s**t for this wolf because he's looking for virgins. Turns out the central character is one and he falls hard for a mysterious woman (Szorh) who may or may not be the werewolf in question.

ed_speelers lovebite

The film focuses on Jamie (Speelers) and his life in his quiant little hometown. He's never been laid before which makes him a potential target. Actually it's him and his mates...

ed speelers, daniel kendrick, luke pasqualino, robin morissey LOVE BITE

The humor here in the film is hit-and-miss. One moment you're laughing and the next you find yourself muttering under your breathe "WALEY". And it's a constant tennis match on this end. IMHO there were some comedy bits that could've been better if not for the thick British accent in the film. Some are more stuff that'll be targeted specifically for Brits; us Pinoys would probably be just scratching our heads.

Jessica Szorh here is the true eye-candy. She plays the mysterious Julianna. I love the fact that Szorh really looks mysterious. Wait scratch that mysterious AND ravishing.

jessica szohr in LOVE BITE

My one problem here with Szorh is that she rarely changes her clothes. I was like, what? Didn't they have a budget to buy her other clothes for the film? Seriously. Still those leather knee high boots are just awesome.

Timothy Spall (Peter Petigrew in Harry Potter)is also here as the crazy-as-hell werewolf hunter Sid who offers sage advice and a bit of lighter moments for the film.

If there's anything I truly enjoyed about Love Bite, it's the twist. The identity of the werewolf really did surprise me. Film was effective in making you doubt about the identity of the characters. Plus the clues were very scarce and very obvious. In hindsight, had I known that a specific moment in the film would determine the monster's identity, I'd have dropped this film. Good thing the film makers managed to keep things tight.

LOVE BITE _ ed speelers

Here's how I'd assess the film. Slow start, ho-hum middle and a plot twist that'll make you cry wolf.


Going back to my first quote for the film, it's a weird mix of horror and comedy.

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