Monday, December 23, 2013

Aquaman # 25 Spoilers

One of the top 10 consistently entertaining books from DC Comics' New 52 initiative has got to be Aquaman by Geoff Johns. It's made the guy cool and relevant and more importantly, erased the whole notion of the superhero as a laughingstock. Issue # 25 is Johns' last run on the book and while this spoiler is a bit old, it did let slip a couple of things.

So basically what happens is Aquaman finds the Dead King's scepter which he uses to control the creatures called The Trench. He leads them to Atlantis where he rescues Mera from prison where she got thrown six months ago. The ensuing chaos gets thick when Arthur and the Dead King find each other. Aquaman gets the upper hand and the Dead King tries to sink Atlantis but Arthur stops him.

The fight goes to a volcano where the Dead King's scepter melts and the icy king melts due to the extreme heat.

Aquaman returns to throne and together with Mera (that's the short of it) and though this chapter ends we get a peek into whats coming next for the King of the Seven Seas and it involves Ocean Master.

Apparently, he's taken refuge in the house of that family he rescued back in the Villain's Month special...

So the next crisis for the Geoff Johns' Justice League would be "Rise of the Seven Seas" after "Throne of Atlantis".

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