Saturday, December 7, 2013

Detective Comics # 27 Not Available for Subscribers

DC Comics wont be making bat-fans happy BY NOT GIVING A COPY OF DETECTIVE COMICS # 27 TO SUBSCRIBERS.

Variant cover to 'Tec 27 by Greg Capullo

Yeah, you read that right, subscribers won't be getting Detective Comics # 27 and will be getting # 28. So that's basically skipping a month on an issue. Here's the letter that subscribers will be getting in the mail soon.

Here's the letter sent to a subscriber which somehow landed on the Facebook group The Reboot? wtf !! DC Comics Relaunch Group

To be fair with the publisher though, it is 96 pages of Batman done by a lot of big names in the industry including Bryan Hitch and even Frank Miller himself. It's 96 pages and costs roughly $8 so you can definitely see why they opted not to add this to the subscribed issues. But it still sucks nonetheless that the publisher wants to make more money rather moreso than keep their active subscribers happy and content. I know I won't be happy if this had happened to me. 

Subscribers will be getting Detective Comics # 28 which will feature John Layman and Aaron Lopresti with a Batman/ Catwoman cover by Jason Fabok.

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