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Know Your Gotei 13 Division and Their Captains from Bleach

Here's a guide to your original Gotei 13 Protection Squad from the manga and anime series BLEACH. The chart features what they each stand for, the flower they represent and their respective captains.

The art is plain glorious. It was done by tanathe.

Here's the text that was posted on top of the chart:

Each division of the Gotei 13 beside the assigned number has also a flower insignia called Taishou (隊章) representing their motto. Captains have a special seal on their body in its shape and vice-captains often wear a badge called Fukukanshou (副官章) on their arm which also has that flower motif.

First Division (一番隊)
Flower: 菊 Kiku - Chrysanthemum
Motto: "Truth and Purity"
True meaning of flower: abundance and wealth

Second Division (二番隊)
Flower: 翁草 Okinagusa - Pasqueflower
Motto: "Seek Nothing"
True meaning of flower: unpretentiousness, "You have no claims"

Third Division (三番隊)
Flower: 金盞花 Kinsenka - Marigold
Motto: "Despair"
True meaning of flower: sacred affection, sorrow

Fourth Division (四番隊)
Flower: 竜胆 Rindou - Bellflower
Motto: "If you are sad, you are loved"
True meaning of flower: humility, constancy

Fifth Division (五番隊)
Flower: 馬酔木 Ashibi - Lily of the Valley
Motto: "Sacrifice, Danger, and Innocence - The two lovers go on a journey"
True meaning of flower: return to happiness, perfect purity

Sixth Division (六番隊)
Flower: 椿 Tsubaki - Camellia
Motto: "Noble Reason"
True meaning of flower: admiration, perfection

Seventh Division (七番隊)
Flower: 菖蒲 Shoubu - Iris
Motto: "Courage"
True meaning of flower: faith, hope, wisdom and valour, eloquence

Eighth Division (八番隊)
Flower: 極楽鳥花 Gokuraku Chouka - Bird of Paradise
Motto: "Obtain Everything"
True meaning of flower: magnificence

Ninth Division (九番隊)
Flower: 白罌粟 Shirokeshi - White Poppy
Motto: "Oblivion"
True meaning of flower: eternal sleep, oblivion

Tenth Division (十番隊)
Flower: 水仙 Suisen - Daffodil
Motto: "Mystery and Egotism"
True meaning of flower: respect, regard, self-esteem, egotism, chivalry

Eleventh Division (十一番隊)
Flower: 鋸草 Nokogirisou - Yarrow
Motto: "Fight"
True meaning of flower: strength, healing

Twelfth Division (十二番隊)
Flower: 薊 Azami - Thistle
Motto: "Revenge, Severity, and Independence"
True meaning of flower: wounding, provocation, punishment

Thirteenth Division (十三番隊)
Flower: 待雪草 Matsuyukisou - Snowdrop
Motto: "Hope"
True meaning of flower: hope, consolation

So that figures. Kenpachi Zaraki's motto has always been fight which was also the reason why he's so damned bloodthirsty.

Source - Tanathe

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