Friday, December 13, 2013

Hotel Sogo and Their Funny Marketing Tactics

I really can't stop laughing with all the crazy and zany stuff that's been coming out Sogo Hotel's Facebook fanpage. I mean no offense to the marketing team developing the content that's being released but they are funny as hell. 

So what's really interesting here is the approach and it's campy-ness. I just LOL a lot at those. Campiness is great. People might think that it's dumb but it's great actually, at least in small dosages. 

Take this one for example. Collateral is all about 'student bonding in the SOGO rooms'. 

Humor me. I like the approach and the general vibe they want to tell people what with their rebranding. It's really just a bit.... tacky? The colors don't match and while you know that they are trying to tell people that they want to be seen as a wholesome hotel where students can do group studies... It just doesn't rub it the right way. 

On to the next one. 

There's a term called 'double negative'. I'm not really sure what to laugh about. The ridiculous and accursed use of the term 'selfie' or the fact that they have a contest for selfies.

I'm not sure with the exact numbers of guests checking-in but I would like to make a guess that half are there to really crash and sleep with the other half looking to ummmm... you know what they want. So yeah, I hope you get the picture

I have to admire Hotel Sogo for creating this as wives who are being cheated on by their husbands (or the other way around) might have a fighting chance of getting incriminating evidence thanks to this contest. BRAVO! Seriously Bravo! 

This one is just off like a quarter-mile. 

Mot-mots bring people to heaven. Period. That ain't a guess, that's fact. That being said, do they really have to go and mention the bible? Kinda off the wall don't you think. 

Seriously, I admire SOGO for going aggressive but I'm kinda left wondering what they really plan to do. Do they want to first change their image or do they want to show the interwebs that they are active in social media. Doing two things at once can't be done especially since they are steering away from the image of being a motel where the deed gets done and the babies get a 'kickstarter funding' #iykwim 

From a business standpoint I don't want to laugh anymore, honestly, I don't.  Not everybody can see through the message so maybe a change of attack pattern and approach is in order. 

Also, the way it's going viral, you might find it funny but they are actually hitting an important benchmark, they are getting publicity. We are doing it for them. This post, is doing it for them. Heck I even clicked on "Like" on their fanpage after seeing the bible post. 

Just saying. (Thanks to Jeman of Orange Magazine TV for the heads up on his feed)

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