Wednesday, January 8, 2014

47 Ronin Review

The critics might be unforgiving with 47 Ronin but I was amused with the story and the visuals and some other stuff. Here's my full review. 

47 Ronin follows the story of Kai, a half breed that's been a trained killer and grows up in humility in a prosperous town amidst Shogunate Japan. He falls in love, gets dissed and gets beaten up a lot. The main plot here is a nefarious scheme concocted by Lord Kira (Tadanobu Asano) and The Witch (Rinko Kikuchi) to take over the good kingdom and dishonor the former lord and his house's name. Then revenge, sword fights and dragons and a twist that you'll probably from a mile away. 


Reeves was a good pick for the role. It's not overdone and he's got the physicality to actually fight people with a katana. It's actually believable that he can jump around lopping peoples' heads off looking like an evil version of Peter Pan. Props for not making everything about him, in all honesty, Reeves had like 60% of the billing which was good because we need to actually like and root the other characters such as Oishi (Hiroyuki Tanada) and Mika (Ko Shibasaki). 

The visuals for the film were nice. Nothing we've never seen before; I did like the character designs for that chimera creature they were hunting as well as for Kikuchi's dragon form. The Tengus creeped me out (which should be good) but their way better than the last Tengus I've seen which was in Power Rangers: The Movie. 


Rinko Kikuchi looked like hell here. She looks like Farrah from Choudenshi Bioman. I'm much displeased... but that's part of the role so it has to be done. I like her character because it's a mix of "I don't care what you think" and "I'll do anything my lord", hell even her mannerisms were well fleshed out (i.e. sitting with her legs open, showing her legs, being deathly flirty with the princess). On the other hand you've got Ko Shibasaki who looks beautiful. Fine, I get that we can't expect her to really kick butt but I'm good with how she was written in this "adaptation" of the classic "47 Ronin" story. She did try and looked fine while doing it, so it's OK. 

Polarized on my look at the actors Hiroyuki Sanada and recent RP visitor Tadanobu Asano. Sanda's role had meat and he brought it to new heights. Asano had potential to really be an evil Nobunaga level character but it was done lazily. Actually that's two strikes now for Asano since he barely played jackshit in Thor: The Dark World (he's Hogun there BTW)

I like the touches of fantasy in this movie. It might not be everybody's cup of tea but I'm sold on that bit. After all, it's not overdone which might also explain why Kai is not using his powers (yes he has) too much in this movie. Oh and I'm giving this film bonus props for adding in Masayuki Deai (Bouken Silver and KyoryuGrey) as one of the Ronins.

Also I recommend seeing this in 2D as the 3D is barely visible. The money you save, you can buy popcorn with. 

47 Ronin is a decent movie. It's not even mediocre well, unless you factor in the fact that it just ripped the 47 Ronin story and twisted it sideways. Yes it might have bombed and is critically disparaged but if you want to wash down your MMFF grease with something more... 'worth your money' then this film is for you.


Special thanks to SOLAR-UIP... 


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