Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wolverine # 13 Spoilers - KILLABLE Ending

The current volume of Wolverine ends and it doesn't end with action rather Paul Cornell takes the high road and gives us a full on climatic AND dramatic finish. Wolverine # 13 spoilers up and about.

In this issue, Sabretooth does a half-issue long tirade about the hypocrisy of Wolverine while Logan is bleeding like a pig on the floor, struck down by (what I assume is) the Muramasa blade. Creed decides not to kill off Wolverine and leaves. The virus, which has been Logan's main opponent for this volume, then does a last ditch effort to save itself by offering to use Wolverine's body and restart his healing factor.



The virus dies and when Logan slowly gets back up, he breaks the sword...


... and the soon-to-be-dead Watcher, Uatu makes another appearance...


When Kitty Pryde and Logan return to school, Wolverine's current flame Storm checks on Wolverine and he goes all emo-y with this line...


Yup. It's sad and now makes me want to read the next volume, which will feature Logan in a new armored costume and among criminals. It's by Paul Cornell and Ryan Stegman this time.

Wolverine # 13 everybody.

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