Monday, January 6, 2014

Clayface from Arkham City is the Next DC Collectibles Deluxe Fig

They just keep growing and growing. First they had Killer Croc, then Titan Joker and Solomon Grundy and now Clayface from the game Batman: Arkham City.

The monstrous Clayface can take any shape—including that of an awesome action figure like this brand new one based on the villain’s appearance from Batman: Arkham City.

Yes, the new year may be just beginning, but we’re already calling it the Year of Clayface, and it’s easy to see why. At over thirteen inches tall, the Batman: Arkham City Clayface Deluxe Action Figure is the largest action figure that DC Collectibles has ever produced. (See how it stacks up to our previous deluxe figures in the gallery above.) With eleven points of articulation, switchable arms, an interchangeable head, and more nuance and texture than an award-winning screen performance, it’s a figure that’ll put all of your other action figures to shame. And for a larger than life character like Basil Karlo, that’s only appropriate.





Not a big fan of the roided look which also spells rip-off of what the Abomination looked like in Louis Letterier's "Incredible Hulk" film; still impressed with the size of this thing though. 

Credit: Toyark

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