Monday, January 13, 2014

Detective Comics # 27 Spoilers - Gothopia Part 1

Mildly surprised how hooked I got after reading part one of Detective Comics # 27' featured crossover GOTHOPIA by John Layman and Jason Fabok.

So what happens is we basically a polished, pure and clean version of Gotham City where Batman is still defending it. Instead of getting boys for sidekicks, we have Catwoman by his side. Only Catwoman goes by the name "Catbird" which is WTF right?

They're even dating on the side...

Detective Comics (2011-) 027-054

Batman and Catwoman aren't alone in this brave new world. They also have Batgirl and Batwoman who've resorted to calling themselves Bluebelle and Brightbat.

bluebelle and brightbat gothopia

Talon (Calvin Rose) is The Gothamite, the Birds of Prey are the Wings of Truth and Luke Fox (the second Batwing) becomes the Flying Fox.

Detective Comics (2011-) 027-068

And not entirely spoilery but the Bat-family beats up Batman and sends him to this version of Arkham Asylum which is run by Jonathan Crane aka The Scarecrow.

Detective Comics (2011-) 027-071

Things are not looking good for Batman.

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