Thursday, January 23, 2014

Noteworthy Marvel Minimates Toys R Us Wave 18 Figures

Totally skipped the Marvel Now minimate figures being sold at TRU for the reason that they're overpriced and hard to come by. The next wave of Toys R Us exclusives however, I might not pass on as its got Wolverine (again) and another Winter Soldier.

credit: Marvel Toy News
No photo has been released yet but here's the rundown of characters getting the Marvel Minimates treatment.

Marvel NOW! Thor & Absorbing Man
Age of Ultron Wolverine & Gold Ultron
Captain America & Red Skull/Arnim Zola
Falcon & Winter Soldier

credit: Marvel Toy News

My obvious pick from this set would be the Age of Ultron Wolverine and Golden Ultron plus the two-pack featuring Sam Wilson aka The Falcon and the good guy version of The Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes. The rest I'll probably sell, that's if I ever get to order this from the States given that these figures sell like hotcakes.


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