Thursday, January 23, 2014

Avengers # 25 Spoilers - Time Travelling Founding Members

In this week's Avengers # 25, Jonathan Hickman and co. do a superpowered crime caper with Earth's Mightiest Heroes as suspects for the death of "a" Hank Pym.

In this issue we find out that there's a time displaced Avengers from another Earth and that SHIELD is on the case. Oh and here's what Hank Pym looks like...


Much like how things have ended in Trinity War and kicked off in Forever Evil where the bad guys travel to our world with a dead Superman in tow.


So basically what happened is that this group of founding Avengers team got ported just before their Earth was consumed/ devoured by another Incursion.



Avengers # 25 is already out this week.


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