Thursday, January 23, 2014

Police Story 2013 Review

Jackie Chan is back for more police thrills and frills in Police Story 2013 but should we still expect the classic Jackie Chan or is this something new mixed with something old?

The answer is the latter. It's sad that Jackie's getting old to go full on stuntmaster which is IMHO the only real crutch for this otherwise engaging movie distributed locally by Megavision. If you'd have given Jackie a younger body and this material, you would most likely probably see a different film; perhaps even something that can surpass the film "Jackie Chan's First Strike".

Police Story 2013 is a story about family and revenge and the things we do for our loved ones. Not too many set piece action, but it does have some great dramatic beats and a nice twist towards the end makes it worth the viewing. The cast are just OK with no one really standing out 'cept for Jackie's daughter in the movie Miao Miao (played by Jing Tian).

The action here is slightly diminished compared to other works of Mr. Chan but despite that you won't be found lacking. Punching and kicking a Muay Thai master is all that we'll need to see that Jackie is a genuine bad-ass in his own right.

The main pull for Police Story 2013 is the gripping drama and mystery surrounding main antagonist Ye Lui. I really want to delve more into this character and this guy but doing so will spoil so much so lets just scratch the surface. The casting for Lui was a good call because he's got presence on screen. He also plays a convincing criminal mastermind and rich guy so that's all good too. It's a classic case of having the villain be as good as the protoganist. Too bad there's no fight scene included for this guy, would really love to see him take on Jackie Chan one-on-one in the big screen.

The story telling structure plus the narrative is also something to write home about. We jump all around the place with the story from 5 years ago to a shorter period of time. All this for Chan to trace what exactly he's done wrong to be where he is (which isn't a nice place). I miss this kind of storytelling in a movie...

Police Story 2013 is definitely a great addition to the vast movies that Jackie Chan has made and it's worthy of being part of the franchise. No self-respecting fan should miss the chance to see this film.

Verdict: 3.5/5

POLICE STORY 2013 is now showing in theaters! Special thanks to Megavision Inc.

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