Thursday, February 13, 2014

PREVIEW: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Minimates

Art Asylum and has released a completed look at the Marvel minimates for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and they look cool.

Here's the breakdown of the figures that'll come along with this wave:

» Stealth Uniform Captain America with Brock Rumlow
» Classic Captain America with Winter Soldier
» Black Widow with Falcon
» Agent Sitwell with Batroc

I'm actually quite happy that they didn't go for the masked identities right off bat. Frank Grillo's Crossbones isn't even tagged as his supervillain alias but rather as his civilian name Brock Rumlow. Also I like how they managed to make Georges St. Pierre a bad ass (as Batroc) without having the ridiculous moustache and the weird mask/ google.

And yes it looks like I'll be spending money on minimates this year than any other year. And I won't be doing business locally (as there's now a voracious amount of 'collectors'). I figure I'll probably go and make House of Flair rich this year.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens April 4 from Walt Disney Studios and Columbia Pictures.

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