Monday, February 17, 2014

PREVIEWS - More Batman Figures including New 52 Greg Capullo and Son of Batman Figs

Toy Fair is in full swing and the said event showcased a lot of new DC Collectibles figures including a wave dedicated to the New 52 Batman series based on the designs of Batman artist Greg Capullo...

And it's not just limited to the heroes as there are now villains added to the list including Mr. Freeze (above) and Red Hood 1 (below)...

They also have Batman in his battle armor as seen in the Night of the Owls storyline...

That was in Batman # 9 mind you...

DC will also release the generic Batgirl and Nightwing figure for their ever-expanding New 52 figures. (below)

New 52 Batgirl

New 52 Nightwing

If you're a fan of DC Comics' animation line, then you'll also be pleased to know that DC Collectibles will be coming out with a pair of DC animated related stuff. There's Batman from Justice League: War

... and a weird looking Robin based on his appearance in the upcoming Son of Batman animated film.

Figures will come out within the year I'm told.

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