Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thermomix - Food Processing to the Next Level

Got invited to a nice product sampling of what looks to be the hottest in food processing technology today, Thermomix.

Also it's part of their celebration for the Chinese New Year so yeah.


A brief intro: Thermomix is more than ten kitchen appliances in one compact unit. It makes food preparation easy, fun and very fast. What makes it different from any other food preparation appliance is that Thermomix also sautees, steams and cooks!

I was colored impressed with all the cool stuff that Thermomix has done in the span of two+ hours that we were in Vorwerk demo kitchen.



(Above) The Thermomix team busy working on the Crab and Corn Soup. (Below) The finished product.


In between sets, we were also viewing some demo stuff to show us why Thermomix is superior to other cooking implements.


Side by side they were also cooking the very classic Pork Humba which, in all honesty, smelled really really good.


The mantao that you're seeing together with the Humba was also created using Thermomix all done in a few minutes.

The aforementioned mantao also went great with the pancit, which was a staple food during Chinese New Year signifying long life and prosperity.


I came in a bit late so I'm not entirely sure that the pancit was also prepared using Thermomix as well as the lemonade they served. Also kudos for the generous pork cuts that came along.

So, you know me, I'm always interested in food, that being said, I wanted to know more things about Thermomix and the demo I attended was a good way of sating my hunger... for food and knowledge.


The design was of German descent so it's precise and ergonomic. Thermomix erases the need for doing a hundred different things to prepare a dish. Carrots can be grated and also get cooked as well as pasta; making this the perfect tool for pasta lovers.

Here's a closer look at the unit that was used during the demo.





It's actually the blades in the unit that cooks and stirs (as well as chops and purees stuff). Give it the right speed and it'll simply mix things inside like pasta.

Still not impressed? How about buying Thermomix for the sheer reason that you can make stuff like Lychee Mint Sorbet



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