Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wolverine # 1 Spoilers

Some spoilers for the All New Marvel Now Release WOLVERINE # 1 by Paul Cornell and Ryan Stegman.

So the long and short of it is that Wolverine has turned into a villain, joined a crime group of D-Listers and by also goes out of his way to actually kill an investigative reporter for the Daily Bugle. Of course this happens after the somber ending of Cornell's 'season 1' Wolverine book. The events at the end of Wolverine # 14 spins directly into this.


What kind of villain name is "The Offer"? How is he related to "The Answer"?



BLAM! Wolverine using a gun. Let alone Wolverine killing somebody that's unarmed and a non-threat. Usually it's a bad thing but c'mon, this is Paul Cornell. The guys a great (although underrated) writer.


Next issue has the Superior Spider-Man guest starring. Should be interesting how that pans out considering they're now both inversions of their past.

Bit of review: I love Ryan Stegman's work on this book. It's so fresh to see look at and I already miss him on Superior. That being said, the art and the colors are nice and considering the violent PG-13-esque stories here on Wolverine I think he's a good fit. Please stay on the book Stegman.

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