Friday, February 7, 2014

Ben Kingsley is Back as IM3 Baddie Trevor Slattery in Marvel One-Shot

The Marvel One-shot film "All Hail the King" has been leaked and it's featuring Sir Ben Kingsley reprising his role as Trevor Slattery, the faux- "The Mandarin" from Iron Man 3.

It actually comes full circle since we will be dealing closely with the Ten Rings from Iron Man, yes the one that we were actually supposed to see in Iron Man 2 before they decided they wanted to a Hollywood version of "Demon in the Bottle"

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Thoughts: I liked Trevor-Trevor not Trevor-Mandarin and while his fate is still up in the air, this one-shot provides us with a juicy tidbit, that the legit Mandarin will still be lurking somewhere in Golmera and yet to make a move against Tony Stark.

Secondly, I love that we also get treated to a Sam Rockwell appearance. Underutilized Justin Hammer is just underutilized. Quips, quips and more quips. Gotta love it. Director Drew Pierce pieced a nice short in under 15 too.

Finally, gotta hand it to the scoring for making it feel like an 'Iron Man' themed score without going all full Black Sabbath or AC/DC on us.

Credits: Cosmicbooknews

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