Thursday, June 27, 2013

New 52 Superman Agrees with Me. Professional Blogging Isn't About the Money

Being a blogger is great and all but there's really little money involved here. If you're in it for the money, my pragmatic answer to you is drop it. Blogging is an art form, not a way of making money. Just look at what's happening to poor New 52 Clark Kent who left his job at the Daily Planet to start a blog with Kat Grant (AFAIK anyway).


Blog if you're following an ideal, or looking to share the truth. Blog if you're passionate about. Blog if you have an advocacy or a mission to fight for; blog if you have to raise awareness. Blog, blog, blog. More importantly, and this is what I learned recently, NEVER LOSE TRACK OF YOUR VISION. 

And yes, don't go on an "F-na-F" vibe that you're a journalist just because you own a blog. 

Scanned panel appears courtesy of Bleedingcool (and yes even Rich Johnston agrees on it as well).

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