Thursday, October 3, 2013

Forever Evil # 2 Spoilers

All the interesting things from this month's FOREVER EVIL # 2 by Geoff Johns and David Finch.

Here we go.

1. OTIS from Superman the Movie makes a cameo

Forever Evil

Johns is really a Donner fanboy. He's so much the fanboy that he stuck in Gene Hackman Lex Luthor's bumbling sidekick from the Donner "Superman the Movie" and made him a legit character.

2. The Teen Titans are back in San Francisco

Forever Evil

Last I checked the Titans were living in a boat that was docked in New York. So now that Johns is writing the Teen Titans again, did he just transplant the young heroes to their original habitat? I want that. So many mistakes DC's done over the past two years and here's me hoping that the Teen Titans get the Titans Tower again in San Francisco.

3. Power Ring is sick...

Forever Evil

Figuratively and literally. He needs Deathstorm (which lets assume is an evil Earth 3 version of Professor Stein) to keep whatever the hell infection at bay while doing his jome with the Crime Syndicate.

4. So many Earth 3 Questions

Forever Evil

Who is the masked man? What did he do? How did he betray the team? What is this creature the Syndicate's so afraid of? A bigger threat or next year's main villain?

5. Classic Love Triangle

Forever Evil

Johns takes the classic Superwoman is married to Ultraman but is in love with Owlman and turns it sideways by giving Superwoman a baby to care for and conceal. It's not Ultraman's kid too, it's Thomas Wayne Jr.'s...

Guess we need to call in Maury down the line.

6. Earth 3 Dick Grayson

Forever Evil

Wayne and Alfred of Earth 3 are fixated with Nightwing aka Dick Grayson. We read snippets of Dick's Earth 3 counterpart and now we pan our attention to the topic once more. Could they have brought alone the good-evil version of Nightwing?

7. The Real Bizarro

Forever Evil

Cool! The real, honest-to-goodness Bizarro is here. Whether that's cool or not, it's really up to you.

8. Goodbye Otis

Forever Evil

Thank god Lex Luthor had Bizarro kill Otis. Thank you!

9. Johnny Quick versus Kid Flash

Forever Evil

Always wanted to see these two fight. And now that I did, I can definitely say that Bart needs a lot of training.

10. Titans Lost in Time

Forever Evil

Similar to that Teent Titans and Legion of Superheroes crossover that Geoff Johns did years ago, the writer has sent the teens to parts unknown thanks to the Speed Force in Bart's veins. This should be interesting. SHOULD.

11. Luthor Gears Up. Needs Kord's Tech

Forever Evil

Luthor explains that he needed something from Kord Industries but he's willing to set that aside in order to fight Ultraman and the Crime Syndicate together with Bizarro.

Forever Evil

12. Batman and Catwoman survived

Forever Evil

And they brought along Victor Stone who incurred massive damage when Grid appeared out of nowhere.

Kinda slow if you ask me. Still plan on reading this through although I'm already seeing some cracks in the armor so to speak...

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